• rajbijalwan 6w

    Have faith in love— Not about a love story.

    I never thought I would
    Write words from the realms of my heart
    Looking for love as much as I could—
    Even as we were destined to part!
    I never thought I would
    Fight so much to elude darkness,
    Longing for that expression of light,
    Vanishing the thought of loneliness—
    But if I'm told to move on
    Reminded me of my wait and pain,
    And one fine morn,
    All my efforts go in vain!
    Aren't these just thoughts,
    If so, why do I write?
    I hear a voice from within,
    And with it comes an urge!
    It is painful— I know,
    Love may reach a new low
    And beyond expression of ignorance,
    There will just be an indifference!
    Nevertheless, Have faith in love!
    It isn't always about a love story!