• kipenzi 5w

    With you

    If I ever fall in love, I hope I fall for someone that loves me harder on my bad days. Someone that laughs at how silly my jokes are and yet laugh out loud to the very joke. Someone that holds my hand when its cramped and can't hold anyone. Someone that hugs me to say bad days will soon be over. Someone that allows me to pay for our lunch when i offer to so, yet put the same amount in my purse without my knowledge. Someone that tells me that well split the cost for our date. Someone that listens to my ideas, stupidly mock me about them, yet give me money to fund the very idea. Someone that makes suggestions about my appearance in a kind way that I never feel humiliated. Someone that lives me u conditionally even when I think I can't love anymore. Someone that feels like home. Bit even more important, when I fall in love, I hope I fall in love with you.