• writer_mak 5w

    I am angry. I am disappointed. I am upset. Yet I know I cannot do much. I can only rant. Rant about what is happening around. Yet I cannot change anything. Nothing will change.

    When I see the youth of this country bleeding for voicing their opinions, I see a dark tunnel ahead.

    I see people lauding police forces. Remember it could be you too. It is just convenient for you to support them. It could have been your son or daughter too. But it is not the case. So, you support police brutality.

    I see people blaming students for voicing their opinions. Just because you have turned deaf, dumb and blind the world cannot ignore what isn’t right. Forget about right or wrong, democracy means a place where you have the right to dissent. But how will you understand when you can't see.

    “The students started it first!” you would say and walk away from the conversation. I don’t see any logic behind your pointless arguments too. But I will not walk away. I will stay till the end to know whether you are still open to disagreements. And I know you are not.

    I see people labelling universities based on religion. I see people labelling a religion as “extremists”, “terrorists”, “anti-nationals” and what not. Since when did India become a “Hindu” country?