• glimpse_of_thoughts 10w

    Femme enceinte

    Summer flower has blossomed
    With a lot of people at their home
    Arranging laundry clothes, baking a delicious cake and appreciating dear ones

    Just two floors downstairs in my building
    Lives an femme enceinte
    Noun: Pregnant lady, Origin: French
    Doesn't sound familiar to you also?

    Few weeks back a conversation happened with her
    Isn't it bit uncertainty and gloominess around here
    Doors closed, no longer walks in the park
    How do you keep that small earth in you safe and secure?

    A reply came back that astonished me
    I see my globe healing itself from all the atrocities that it had incurred
    Humanity standing against the unknown evil
    Solidarity between society, nation and people

    While everything will be different from here on
    Glad that few stories will be told to this toddler
    Why tech resolutions have changed into environmental protection
    What was favourite pastime of 2020 teens!

    Sense of humour, rational thinking and grit was seen in every citizen
    We had warriors who tried their best to secure us in every way
    Then there were survivors who bravely fought this pandemic
    At the end we swam to shore waters with a renewed vigour in all of us!