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    Where's the world going,
    (From free to charge.)
    It is known that,we don't understand the value of a specie until they extinct/expire.
    Even though we know the value..still we behave so cruel.
    U may ask what is so cruel in livin' a happy & luxurious life..?? Ofcourse, there is no way a wrong thing in being selfish,staying luxurious & leading happy life. But, have u ever thought of the main source of leading life?...U may say,food,water or money...but why don't you think of trees & other species????
    It's imp to lead a happy life..& in the same way it's also imp to be a responsible person towards our nature/environment.
    There are several ways to pollute the environment & also the several ways to protect...& What r we doing to stop the pollutions,nothing.Yes, even though we know the ways to protect..we do nothing.
    All of us know about the air pollution in Delhi, citizens are not getting proper oxygen to breath...& the reason for this situation are we.Yes, we are the reason for this scene. Because of deforestation & too many uses of vehicles this problem raised.Now,the non-citizen people may be happy & relaxed but there is less time to us to face the same problem.
    Finally,I want to say is please wake up,stay alert,plant the saplings in ur surroundings, reduce the use of vehicles for small distance,use public transport.
    PS:- I said "free to charge in the beginning." Because I heard that citizens of Delhi have to pay ₹299 to breath pure oxygen.i don't know whether it is correct or not..but,the same situation may arise in future, if we negelct to protect the nature.
    Note:-How fools we are, we pay to breath,& that paper money is from trees..Eventhough in this though situation trees are helping us
    Special Note:- If you think you are not the reason for pollution & don't protect,then remember that you gonna face the same problem in the future