• loveyourdamnself_221 50w

    Maybe he is right,
    I drink to too much, I express too much emotion when I drink you see ,

    The friends I have are not suitable, they will only bring me down you see,

    I shouldn't wear a dress or get dolled up , we are going nowhere fancy you see,

    I shouldn't buy high heels anymore, the tracks which where we live are not made for high heels you see ,

    I shouldn't go back to that job , a job with a better title would be more suitable you see,

    I shouldn't voice my opinion, I am a manipulator you see,

    I shouldn't go out and dance for the night , the drive is too far you see

    So now I have time to sit and dream and chat and laugh with my best friend you see ,
    These four walls of bricks and mortar and me.