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    They call me autistic masochism I guess thats my name and this is my story. I welcome you to see the world through my eyes

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    They call this place an asylum
    I have lived here for long
    Its chaotic mayhem
    Still I dwell here forlorn
    I am draped with white attire
    While many people enquire
    About me. I am on display
    Like a zoo animal I play
    With strangers mumbling
    Their smiles condescending
    I often lift my hand in pain
    Only to see it chained
    They say I am dangerous
    I'm treated like a snake venomous
    I like inflicting pain
    I love that red stain
    Oozing out with a feeling
    Of satisfaction and tingling
    Sensation for which I strive
    I think I need it to stay alive
    I cannot read the letters
    Or count beads or numbers
    My writings are distorted
    My place unsorted
    My teachers call it autism
    My chain label reads masochism
    I get chocolates from visitors
    I am just a well kept prisoner
    I have seen many white coats
    Following me and taking notes
    I see dogs bark and roam
    From the windows of my home
    They have a better life than mine
    For when I run or whine
    My room keepers beat
    And bruise me head to feet
    They just got into an argument
    That I like their punishment
    But I thought it was natural
    For I just heard it is a disorder