• philosophic_firefly 6w

    may god bless me to the magic of love

    someday I'll write a letter
    which will be blank
    too blank.
    in that letter
    I'll pour my emotions
    my sadness
    my deadness
    and all my tears
    which i shed
    very badly
    too deeply.

    someday I'll ask a question
    a question
    which never lived me peacefully
    but kept eating my heart
    and kept giving me pain
    why you left me broken?
    i'll ask you the same question
    one day, someday
    somewhere between the void
    and emptiness of love.

    love reminds me now
    a heartful disease
    a disease who never
    let you live peacefully
    today I hate love so as you
    may god bring me back to the path of sweetness
    where I weave love and tranquility
    may god bless me
    to the magic of true love
    so that
    i heal those hearts
    who are broken and shattered.