• rashmi803 6w

    When I tried to combine
    All the colours together
    Violet for our future
    Which was so safe
    Having your hand in mine
    But gap between fingers
    Remains unfilled
    indigo represents my devotion
    For you and your love
    Which was so deep
    Keeping that in Heart
    I never wanted others
    Blue is for the river
    Which is flowing
    In the direction straight
    To reach the destination
    But you left somewhere
    Green for those trees
    Which made me realise
    Time is moving
    And I am still
    Inside the car
    As you moved on
    Yellow is for rays
    You eyes staring me
    And wanted to love
    But you mind not
    Giving a signal
    Of positive rays
    Orange represents optimism
    My love for you
    Having expectations
    Trust and misbelief
    Huge demands
    Which never completes
    Red for our love
    Which was different
    Beholding you,
    Keeping your love
    I wanted to have ending
    But all colours was yours