• elliri 10w


    I see the glimmer in his eyes, as he approaches his plastic swing.
    I love the way his face lights up and the joy that it brings.
    As I place him in the seat I see his smile grow wide,
    Spreading all the joy and happiness that he cannot keep inside.

    As I lift the swing up high to start, he let's out a little giggle,
    As he impatiently waits for me to let it swing, he cannot help but wiggle.
    I let it go and run to the front, to catch his little toes,
    He swings towards me with a cheeky smile and I can tell that he knows.

    I catch his feet and tickle them and he bursts into happy laughter,
    Soon he'll get tired and cranky, but that's ok cause we can cuddle after.
    Right now I feel the joy he feels, I can see it in his soul.
    I love these moments with my boy, not by half... but with my whole.