• christopher_s 10w

    Drops of Time

    Oh no they say,
    Only because clouds invade,
    Turning a sunny to dreary day,
    Stay in doors watch t.v. play spades,
    Others have another,
    I have memories,
    Seeing your ghost in the cover,
    Then I wake from my dreams,
    As the clouds start to drip,
    It's all coming down,
    Each drop that I sip,
    To have your memory drown,
    Yet each time they fall,
    As they pass my eye,
    In that second I see it all,
    And once it passes over I simply sigh,
    You see each drop,
    Every single second,
    Makes my heart pop,
    And each time it lessens,
    So now that they've past,
    The sky is still grey,
    I think about this the last,
    Words I'd ever hear you say.