• miss_merl 10w

    As I take a deep breath tonight
    Enjoying the cool night air
    I am aware that I am not alone
    I have with me my very good friend:

    She rarely calls before coming over
    She drops by whenever she wants to
    Sometimes, she even comes with a couple
    Of her own companions:
    Misery and Guilt.

    They know me very well
    After all, Pain has told them a lot about me
    They too, like her, flouts common courtesy
    And always come barging right in to my mind
    Bringing with them: Sadness and Despair.

    It is always a rollercoaster with them all
    One I can't seem to get off, no matter how hard I try
    So I became used to them,
    Started playing the perfect host
    To Pain, Misery and Guilt and all they bring with them.