• deepanshi_nigam 6w

    Relationships in modern era

    Does this generation want proper relationships or just cozy days and fun time with each other?
    We all might have noticed that in this generation the children are dating each other who don't even know the true meaning of love in relationships. Children are just attracted to have a girlfriend or boyfriend because this is what happens in movies. Leaving aside the children, the young adults are also just passing time with each other and they call it love. Just showing care and some affection towards our partner is not love. Love is a battle which has failures and well as success and one has to accept that. Love is not about giving a name to your relationship. It is simply loving each other without posting on social media and showing others that how much your partner loves you. After all it's a matter between couples and not the friends on social media. Relationships are not about showing off. It's more about respecting one another, caring for one another and above all loving one another. ❤Some people compare their present partner with their ex partners perhaps they were better in some ways. But love is not a market where we compare products. Love is about accepting the partner as they are and helping them to be a better person in life. Accepting the flaws in called love. Not every individual thinks in the same direction. People have different ways to handel the situations with their partners and so one should go with the flow.
    In the digital era we live in nowadays, it is hard to find a deep connection with somebody, especially when people are in long distance relationship as emojies can't express your true feelings. We can't determine what the person might be thinking at any particular moment. We are too busy looking at our phones, scrolling through our newsfeed to pay close attention to anyone. We want to find common ground but never enough to feel attach to anyone because in all reality, we want to remain “on the market,” independently, standing on our own two feet.  
    Why is love so complicated? Or why do we make it so complicated? True love is supposed to be effortless and natural. Yes, we have all watched one or two Disney movies, and we feel like we are entitled to love without lifting a finger. We think our godmother has it covered for us, she has our shoes, clothes, etc., and we just have to show up to the ball. In reality, it is not like that!We have to work on maintaining the relationship by constantly nourishing it. It is not enough to just change the Facebook status from “single” to “in a relationship.” Don’t make so many rules, don’t discard someone because of a silly little flaw—for example, he is not answering my calls or she is too much busy throughout the day so she is not interested in me; don’t play with people’s emotions. We are tired of being “#foreveralone” but we do not give the time of day to someone who is making an effort to pursue us. We need to stop thinking that everyone is thirsty just because they send us a “Good Morning” text, maybe this person is genuinely thinking about you in the mornings.
    Yes, it is true that everything changes with time. New ways are developed to do various things. But this generation is changing the virtues and values to another level. It is correct if people are in favour and not against various ways of dating. People find their true love by chatting on social media, talking on calls, having a video call etc. It is completely accepted. This is like being in long distance relationship and this is sweet.The main point of the whole issue is that the concept of love has totally changed and it is forgotten which is a sad truth.
    One should love pationately and should nurture their love to make it pure and healthy. After all it is the essence of love that makes the whole world go round.