• blue_fly 5w

    @soulwriters @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork when life and death separates you from someone you love, you will be feeling an unquenchable thirst within your soul that no one else can satisfy you. #love #death #life #lost #missing

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    Like the waters you thirst for
    I thirst for your breathe in my life
    The withdrawal is desiccating my soul
    You closed your eyes on me
    And left your body with me
    I hear your soul calling out to mine
    To flee with you to the other side
    The weight in my heart holds me down
    From returning to your side
    How long till my weight is lifted up
    And the time for me to be with you comes?
    I know you will be waiting for me
    On the other side till my time comes
    For the cord of love that once bound us
    Remains still binding us
    Till that day comes I'll survive
    To make you proud of
    How well I lived my life
    Just as you wished before
    You closed your eyes on me
    And left me without a goodbye
    Assuring me its just a wait away
    To be with you again.