• space_dweller 4w

    This is a prelude to "The Technician: Part One"

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    The Technician: The Devil's Choice

    She'd been through a lot

    Her husband was a soldier

    Stress is all he brought

    He wouldn't even hold her.

    She was hit and strangled

    She knew this was wrong

    Yet all she still handled

    Well, not for long.

    She finally hit back,

    Honey realized what he did

    When he left her eye black,

    Farewell he bid.

    A dark day,

    She was once again alone,

    Husband went out to 'pray'

    Not knowing she was turning to bone.

    Slender and beautiful she was

    Her skin reflected all evil,

    He targeted her just because,

    A horrid existence, primeval.

    The mortician knocked

    Needles filled the air

    In place she was locked

    As horror brushed through her hair.

    It was too late to run

    The devil was in the hall

    His aura, brighter than the sun

    All she could do was lean against the wall.

    She knew it was over

    She still loved her partner

    Even if he acted like an ogre.

    The technician finally struck

    Only her torso and head remained

    Yet she still had energy to talk

    'You missed, some time I gained'.

    And there she laid

    One last prayer she made

    'Oh lord, the price i paid,

    Lead my husband to the path you paved.'

    Finally, she was dead

    the beast ripped apart what remained

    Husband felt sudden dread

    Senses lost to licor he regained.

    He ran home to her beloved

    He saw the beast chewing away

    'What happened to my betrothed?!'

    'Human, it's the cost of your delay.'

    The Devil grinned

    Dark arts took action

    The woman's head on the floor spinned

    The man screamed from that reaction.

    He saw as the monster

    Desecrate his wife's body

    'You really scored with this, youngster,

    I've never done it with such a hottie.'

    The Technician left

    God's prescence was approaching

    Ran away oh so deft.

    The husband couldn't move

    Too much he'd seen

    He could feel her wife call from beyond

    'My love, towards my heart you should lean.'

    The heart continued to beat,

    He now held it in his hands,

    He understood what he had to eat

    To become the strongest in the lands.

    He knew where to find the evil

    He prepared for his journey

    To eliminate that damned weevil,

    The devil had no attorney.

    'Devil, you had a choice,

    I'll hunt you down,

    Hear my voice!'

    The abomination heard loud and clear,

    He waited on top of his castle,

    Waiting for the man in fear.