• grotesque 10w

    I love you like a winter morning.
    It is there in my heart and I smell
    Our bedsheet of making love. We
    Fight like insane and then you leave
    Without kissing my forehead. I love
    You with my everything and I see
    You off whenever you are leaving.
    I don't understand why love is so
    Tough between us. I do not know
    Why we are so aloof and yet so
    Inseparable at times? I am at awe of
    My thoughts for you. You do not
    Give me any minute to myself. You
    Consume my atoms. I am at awe that
    Despite you leaving me abruptly
    I love you like sea wave loves it's bank.
    I love you since we kissed for the 1st time.
    You fail to understand it is what it is!