• halangrace 6w

    Written to my dad on his birthday .# dad love you .Wish all had you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    You are my life,
    You are my hero,
    You are my dream,
    You are everything that I can imagine .
    When one says;
    I am on my dear dad
    That I am your photocopy
    I don't know what joy fills my heart .
    As you are the best man
    As a daughter always wants
    A glad one and a kind one
    All daughters would be lucky ,if they had you.
    Dad you are my heart beat,
    Dad, you are my brain ,
    Without this both I am nothing
    Dad you are precious to me.
    You taught me how to walk
    You taught me love
    You taught me who God is,
    All I knew threw a single person,
    That is you my dear Dad
    Halan Grace Joseph