• nishi99 31w

    Getting robbed

    When I find you outside,
    then who is there inside me?
    When I look for you inside,
    then whose illusion is it outside?

    You are inside as well as outside
    I see your shadow everywhere
    I am you
    and you are you too
    I didn't find a single difference

    People light oil lamps
    I lit the lamp of my heart
    People swear of loyality
    I swallowed the poison itself
    People lose their heart in love
    I lost myself

    If I am a river, you are water
    I will dry without you
    If you are water, I am thirsty
    I will die without you..

    Loving someone is like catching fire
    Friend, everything will be burnt
    There is neither smoke nor spark
    nothing can be seen here.

    Let's play the game of love
    This game is very old
    Either you will be mine or I will
    die on your threshold..