• anna_jeslin 10w

    Now I know

    Where to start, when was the time
    all things were right,
    the last time i felt your love at its purity,
    what happened, why you are not the
    same, yes you changed, but i was too late, i was so deep in your love.
    Something different, different love, i can see in your eyes.
    you loved me but not my love, you followed me but not my love, you cared for me, but you never loved me .
    Always you smiled at me, but now i know you hide yourself in that smile.
    You never loved my inside, you loved my outside, but what can i do now, can i leave you for all the lies you said, or did i stay for the fake love you gave me.
    Now tell me what to do, why did you act, why you said it was true love, when it was not.
    I was ready to sacrifice everything for you, but you was interested in what i had and thats breaks my heart.