• nymphaea 5w


    Born to the parents with a desire of man,
    she's the one who holds their hand.
    Expected to be weak and a burden,
    she's the one who helps them strengthen.
    Since the day she's born she's kept in a veil,
    there are talents in her which she wants to reveal.
    Her own blood starves her of the affection she deserves,
    like a maid whole life she serves.
    As a girl she's not paid attention,
    since eventually she'll just got to another mansion.
    Its her life let her live,
    Let her do what she believe.
    There will be a day she'll bloom,
    Till then don't push her in gloom.
    Have you ever wondered what helps her grow?
    Its the longing to be acknowledged within her that the society sow.
    She is not weak nor she's plain,
    She has the power for the world to be slain.
    She's a flower and one day she'll blossom,
    For she's the one with the title of AWESOME..