• allofchrishandy 24w

    If you haven't seen this other series you aren't in the full picture 😜
    I wrote this broken series in tears when I had a break up

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    Broken #series2#

    I have found my place,where i belong
    But still broken,
    I know I will work on.
    This journey is long and tiring
    I feel so weak and vulnerable
    I yearn to hear his voice, this action is involuntary
    I can't just stop checking on him because have given him a big room in my heart
    How can I burn it down?
    When my shoes ,bags, clothes, are there. In fact, I left my toiletries
    All I have with me is my powder foam,a match stick and paper to burn down my beautiful painting.
    I don't know which powder foam to use to start painting my heart again