• iam_swapnil 30w

    It's not that I do not think about you,
    And I do not remember you.
    But what has happened to do the workings
    But you have no clue what I feel for you,
    Just a little bit of trying to tell you.

    In every trouble, I wish you were here and take back in your arms.
    As believed in childhood,
    How you used to make my hair before going school.

    You were always Behind cleaning my beard.
    And stitched all my expensive torned jeans.
    How much do I say, don't wanna eat i wanna be lean.
    Roti does not stop coming saying
    Ghee contains the most protein.

    Im totally incomplete without you mom, my ambition, all my dreams.
    I do not have the strength to fight alone,
    Every second I need your blessing.

    This blood is definitely a relationship
    But it's a bit tighter,
    None of the big fear stays in front of you.

    I don't know how you do all these things,
    All this sounds like a magic tricks.
    These relations, sacrifice, pain, sweat
    and the bricks made of tears things.

    I feel very good, When someone says bhai you look just like your mother.

    When did you do this magic mom?
    Probably god was not enough to be everywhere
    So he gave all his powers to you.

    I'm sorry mom sometimes I Forgets to call you back.
    I'm sorry mom sometimes I get rude when you call me back.
    I'm sorry I did not return this time to the home at Holi.
    I'm sorry, I do not want to go when you need me.
    I'm sorry to let you alone on the long stairs of our house.
    I'm sorry I forgot to forget you on your birthday.
    I'm sorry somethimes get most important my dream and ambitious.

    That's little overwhelming for you.
    . ❤