• sumathi 6w

    Kashi Experience

    People are tolerant to cows and dogs,
    They too are worshipped along with Gods!
    Sweets and snacks are sold on streets,
    As for the taste, no other can compete!
    Tea is served in earthenwares,
    Rickshaws charge you very low fares..
    Prior to the visit, I had a mental picture,
    Of floating corpses, awaiting vultures..
    But was surprised to see the river
    Flowing clean and majestic as ever!

    Don't ask me what I left behind,
    What matters to me is my peace of mind..
    No need to forgo what we love,
    I'll enjoy my tenure, until I go above!
    Some even hinted me what to quit,
    I needn't quit any to appease a hypocrite!
    Didn't visit Kasi in the twilight of my years,
    Went well before my teeth could disappear!
    Don't ask me if I've washed off my sins,
    Only my maker knows I'm clean within!