• the_unsent_thoughts 5w

    Even after a bit arguing
    I still worry about you
    I can't stop thinking what you would be feeling that time

    Maybe that phone didn't picked for calling you
    Maybe that picture is not opened for seeing you
    But that time it's sure that I definitely be missing you

    Even after so much time
    your call still increases my heartbeat
    Your status I never miss to watch
    Maybe I open a bit late not to show myself excited
    But I do notice your message specially

    Afraid of losing a person like you
    I never wish this thing in my life
    May whatever is said by world for us
    We know what we feel for each other

    I don't know how to flirt exactly when it comes to you
    But to be honest
    I spend best of my time with you
    I never want you to loose that pretty smile
    I feel different when with you than all others #love #nature #life #friendship #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    Some distances are meant to stay together
    To realize what we feel for each other...

    Yes we can fight like others might
    But after resolving I could hug you tight.....