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    I found this in my Memo..

    I mean how can i not romantisize rain ? Umm its true " I " probably can't! Until..
    that day
    When 2 days after i confessed the tinglings and the butterflies that had been tickling me . To the first human i realized to have an enormous crush on, months after being in denial . I had a dislike towards monsoon . Well all these years but that habit has stayed . Being a tom you dont really understand how to "be" when you like a guy . But as my courage payed off well , i fell short of answers to my skeptical mind ' s question and the nervousness took charge right away .so the thought of meeting him was striked off immediately. He seemed cool with it too . My friends anyway insisted i should coz why not? So ....finally i agreed with a not so sure " yes" . The black clouds were right around the corner and this was the first time when i wasn't worried about my feet getting wet in the rain coz i knew i was gona see someone that is better than wet muddy roads someone who smelt like caramel custurd , with dark brown , shiny hair , a slightly dusk skin . Always wearing comfort to his attire. he smiled like a kid which accelerated the chaos inside me to an unimaginable level . There was some hesitation in me. why you ask ? Duh ! The butterflies wont calm down !.. . I even thought i need not meet him coz evrything he was , was here inside my mind . So now it was me by the wet roads walkin to the spot with a dairy milk choclate in my hand . i dont knw if it was good thing that happnd, which was partly scary too . The lights on the streets went off ! I almost couldn't figure out the road but i stood there anyway . it continued to drizzle . So i waited nearby . When i heard someone running towards me. I thought it was the dog. Yea it was "a" dog and someone came along after the dog immediately which did not give me time to calm my butterflies down and thts when i heard ," Hi" .i heard that voice aftr 3 long months i almost forgot how tht voice felt like . That was the first time we met but couldn't see each other still coz it was pitch dark. So anyway we walked on for a while on a little stretch of the road without saying a word and that's when the rain did its job .All i could see was the trees and his dark silhouette and i still guessing if things abt him i imagined had changed ? Those 10 mins in silence was just somthing . I never knew what magical felt like which i knew now. Since that day i feel the same rush whenever the first rain hits the ground and the smell of the wet soil become's a drug to me , the trees , the roads looks exactly the same and i end up living in nostalgia ..