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    The lockdown has ignited our sensual
    imagination. In this women's erotica short story,
    Mia finds herself sharing an executive apartment
    with a co-worker.

    I could see the green leaves on the trees from my
    window, swaying gently to the Singapore's
    morning breeze. Chirping birds flew onto the
    crooked branches, perched and hopped, before
    flying away again - they had the freedom of
    movement, unlike Norman and I - locked down
    in this apartment.
    I thought about my dog back home, Betsy. I had
    called my mum to take her in.

    I thought about work and my best friend, Xin. She
    had chuckled over the fact that I was trapped in
    this apartment with Norman.
    "Oh my god!" she had exclaimed when I told he
    Norman and I won't be coming back to Bangkok
    due to the lockdown directive, and that we were
    sharing an apartment, for convenience. "I wish I
    were in your shoes."

    "Oh shut up!" I had laughed it off.

    "No seriously, he's like the hottest Executive we've
    ever had, and that apartment? It is so-00 cozy"

    She commented on the intimate space she could
    see via FaceTime. “You should totally for go it," she

    "I'm serious Mia, with a hot guy like Norman, and
    an apartment that gorge? I guarantee you'll be
    dripping waters in no time." she concluded and
    we guffawed at her statement.

    Now, lying here on the eighth day of the
    lockdown, watching my window, I could hear
    Norman from the bathroom.

    The sound of the running shower and splattering
    water filled my ears, and I began to reminisce on
    how much we had grown close over the past
    seven days.

    At first, it had been awkward and we
    acted just like we did at work-formal and brief
    but trapped together with nowhere to go, we
    only had each other to relate with, and so we did.
    We talked more, on lighter notes. We watched
    the news, he even made breakfast and invited me
    to join him.

    That morning, as we sat chatting over our meal, i
    noticed for the first time how the corners of his
    eyes squinted every time he laughed. He had the
    cliché beauty of a leading actor, narrow face,
    straight-edged nose, full hair... he even had the
    square chin with a dimple in the center.

    His eyes were blue and they shone even brighter
    when he was talking passionately about
    something he cared about, or adamant in
    convincing me why a shot of espresso contains
    less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

    "Hey!" his voice rang into my thoughts.


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