• blueflamez_da_poet 9w

    I found out bout myself to be self-conscious WBW-now, worried bout becomin someone I'm not, tryna impress people, please people, I know, I know, more cliché talk on 'not fittin in.' 'Not meetin the expectations of societal standards', 'not meetin the standards for me', 'not settin the example with my family', it's so much of it that I retreat to my words and listen to my music. I sit in the dark to clear my thoughts, I lay on my bed to rest my head, I talk to myself to hear what I'm sayin, I'll isolate tryna silence the truth, til it hits me with the pocket world that I'm too attached. My mind created the ultimate escape that I kept myself trapped in, my brain tryna readjust to the actual world 'round me, from boundless to grounded, soon to turn imaginary into tangible.