• jyotiranjan 5w

    Memories stay people don't

    5 years down the line I remember this exact day when the waves were crashing near the shore under the countless stars ,I was sitting beside your dream castle you had made . Without a blink I said you how I feel about you over the years and before the moment you could think of anything I was down in my knee proposing you to be my partner for the rest of my life. In the nuisance of the waves I could feel your soft yes with tears rolling down your face.

    Do you remember those days when I used to pick you up from your work place .You put your head in my back hugging me and sing that song "lag ja gale ki phir ye rat ho na ho". I wish you could see the smile in my face at that time.

    I remember those weekends when we go on riding bicycles in the morning . Do you remember, one day you fail down from bicycle and started weeping like a kid . I was looking and smiling at the innocence of your face and you started scolding me while crying and all I was doing is laughing.

    I have lost count of the nights we used to sit in the night talking about the stars , rewinding the memories we had lived .when you were talking about everything all I was doing is looking at you in the moon light like you are the best thing ever happened to me and nodding my head like I was listening everything you were saying.

    There were days when I return tired and gloomy from the day to day office hour and you make those delicious cookies to make me happy . You crack those lame jokes to make me smile and without a thought I hug you tightly and you ask "what happened". I wish I could have told you in those moments how much you mean to me but I say "nothing" and pull you a little closer to me. May be I am not good with expressing like you do.

    I remember those moment when there was darkness or any abrupt sound ,you slip down a little closure to me holding my hands putting your head in my chest like I am your safehouse.

    When I was in Chaos of untangled thoughts in the dark empty room and saying you these moments,these feelings, going down the memory lane hurting the bleeding heart, a little did I knew that photos neither speak nor reply

    It has already been 2 years but there is not a single day I have not cursed myself with the regret of letting you drive that night.I wish I could have saved you from that accident while returning from celebrating our anniversary.I wish I could have given your bleeding head a safe house to live a little more with me.But you left , leaving a void in me shattering my wish of getting old with you

    Every day I look at your photo hanging in the wall with your ever addictive smile and ask "why you left me?" When you had promised me a forever in your arms. Looking at you smiling in the photo I realised May be memories stay people don't.