• alxita 6w

    I'll be creating poems this time =) Recreating old ones as well, including this one!
    (My last poem made was back in July :o)

    • zephyrs of you •

    The faucet's clear, cracking for many hours
    Cross blankets & verses am I with no power
    Esoteric him's, yet vivacious I's
    And glass broken with a few drops of sighs

    Whistle blows so seemingly limned
    I long for a figure already dislimned
    Stoic just like the pictures on the table
    And solipsisms lead to our fates unstable

    The faucet's clear, cracking for another day
    When gold till rusty & shallow depths of rays
    Yet the brightest lights fade your darkest rhyme
    And mercy prevailed midst ephemeral times

    • Poem no. 1 •


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    |zephyrs of you|

    ©alxita — 12.12.20