• ashija 6w

    To the person reading this,
    We barely exist in each other's life
    We don't know anything about each other
    But one thing I know is that my heart belongs to you, this is something that I have never felt before. I think, there is some connections between us, about which both of us are unaware.
    I thought u was my crush and nothing else
    But my heart is so restless for you,
    It's crazy that I can't stop thinking about you.
    Only thing I can do right now is stalk you on social media day and night.
    Can you please talk to me for a while
    And sit next to me
    Hold my hands and don't let it go
    Because I am scared of love
    I will try to run away from you.
    I want to say all this to you
    I want you to know how much u mean to me, since the time I first met you
    While I was just 12 years old,
    I have been carrying you in my heart since then. But destiny bought different people in my life, now I know why, it was for me to realize that you can never be replaced