• kanavu_malavika 23w

    Jogging through the cantonment roads,
    My eyes suddenly met his .
    the man who once fell for me!
    Yes, the man who fell for me...!!
    Literally and in life as well.
    The tall masculine smart man out there,
    Perhaps with sixpacks or more.
    The little drizzle played its role well too.
    We crossed our paths again on the same rainy road.
    I had to stop..., Ranks matter ofcourse!
    The three stars of mine bowed before the royal ashokstambh...!!
    This time his eyes didn't smile.
    He didn't fall as well.
    I saw a dutyful officer returning the salute and pass by.
    The serious gaze glued to the path ahead.
    Wrapped in it was an old story of two friends .
    Those eyes which hid it's gaze and pain.
    As the young gentleman passed by,
    I heard the college girls giggle secretly ,
    Wispering to themselves ..
    "Gal, he's so handsome!!." said one of them.
    "May be "...my heart ordered to me...!!
    My feet too continued there job.
    Only to know the betrayal of my eyes...
    secretly looking at the parkingside mirror .
    And there he was,
    The black t shirt turning behind again and again..
    And I saw him again,,
    The man who once fell for me..!!