• d_charmz 6w

    How can I give my soul
    It's not mine to give
    It's free to live
    In fact
    I can't keep yours
    Allow it to soar

    Should it feel foreign
    Fear not
    Fight it
    It's festering


    My strides
    Reppin' with pride

    You don't understand me
    You don't get me
    They won't let me
    Be myself
    On my own
    Since I was 5
    I was alive
    HAD TO shut it down
    Made a mask
    Fool them all

    I give them credit
    They try to check in
    I shut them down
    Don't let them in
    Fuck a kin
    Sounds messed up
    Only way I stayed up
    kept my weight up
    I don't play that
    Get your smirk snatched
    Then I'll hand it back
    I don't want that trash

    Still you don't know me
    I'm a polygon
    With the mirrors on

    I intimidate
    'Cause I give it straight
    Don't need a mate
    Don't want a date
    If you have my back
    You know what it is
    Unspoken rules
    Own the tools
    Feed the fuel

    Stay on God
    Pray on God
    Thank the Lord
    Never bored
    Hands way full

    On my toes for life
    Ain't trying to be no wife
    Institutions are illusions
    Steer clear of that box
    Aware of its forms
    Tick tick tick tock
    Would you look @ my watch