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    I have seen thousands of sunsets,
    Painting skies,
    Some were more beautiful than others,
    When it calms the storm in my heart,
    Where I spend hours of thinking,
    to you
    Only in dreams.
    It can't be seen, but felt.
    Where my heart rests;
    where I think,
    without getting lost in thoughts.
    It brings peace in my mind.

    I have seen thousands of sunsets,
    In my dreams
    where all I get is shared moments,
    looking into your eyes...
    It's not creepy, It's Romantic.
    The feeling,
    where the world stops
    spinning for a while.
    If love is what keeps you breathing,
    then I don't want a gasp of air
    where I m surviving
    drowning in fear.

    I have seen thousand of sunsets,
    Blended so beautifully,
    as two hearts in love.
    Some were beautiful than others.
    But the most beautiful one's
    were those,
    where I wasn't afraid of dark.
    (with you)

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    Thousands of sunsets

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