• timothyvs 9w

    The Search II

    We are born into this earth thinking that
    it will be all round honey and cream,
    But as we peak our little heads out and
    See this "Paradise", we want to crawl
    back because we find that the world is
    Fixated on strange desires.
    The Search is on to find a paradise within
    But is it really possible to find peace
    when all around you the world is
    spewing hate and violence.
    How are you going to make it a day
    We search the clouds and stars for
    Signs to show us the way forward
    The Search - we knock on each door
    hoping to get answer but I guess
    Life has a way of showing us
    Tortured Souls - that the way to survive
    is to keep hurting, be it ourselves or
    We can't love others because of our
    Broken Souls, even though we continue
    To cry each for some sort of
    Salvation our soul goes through a period
    of Starvation because it hasn't been fed
    the nurturing feeling that is called
    Bad love is a drug but it's better then
    Having no Love at all.