• khushisharma4 5w

    Boys do love.

    No matter how much you loved her,
    No matter if you couldn't fulfill all the dreams you dreamt of when you two were in relationship.
    You thought of giving her the world and spend the rest of the life with her but she left you, something you have feared of.
    Maybe she left you for a genuine reason, or maybe she made up a lie bcuz she couldn't find any good reason...
    You started hating yourself and all those calls, talks, meeting messages started taking all the space inside your head.. you stopped enjoying that one life you were awarded with. You started hiding away, started randomly deactivating all your social stuff.
    Boys do fall in love.. deep and dedicated (this is the truth).
    I know it is hard but have you ever thought, no problem was big enough to ruin what you had.. you still stuck whereas she, she is focusing on her goals, living her best life, maybe she thinks of you, maybe she don't but to be honest, girls do get attention quicker than anyone else.. she had the courage to leave you when she said we will work things out together..
    So now even if she comes back, if that's what you're waiting for, do you think she will be the very same person you fell in love with, would you believe if she looks into your eyes and say, "I won't leave, trust me".. No..
    So get your life back in gear and be happy what all life gave you and took from you.. yea cuz in the end, life will remove everything it doesn't feel requirement of.
    Smile that it happened, smile for all the lessons ❤️