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    Night ��
    Thats my light
    You will see my true sprite in site.

    Its a warning��
    Dont wake me up in the morning☀️
    Loves the pouring��️
    Hates the ignoring
    Prefers writing✒️
    Instead of talking
    Dream to capture the lightning⚡️
    Do like rhyming and dreaming.

    Talk to me about studies?
    We will never be buddies��

    Do you see my poker face?
    Stop talking in the first place
    Give me some breathing place.
    Tears taking my eyes place?
    Give me your embrace.

    Friends circle of few☯️
    If you are in the crew
    Me?you knew.

    Soldiers☮️, depression fighters ➕
    friends and family i value

    Never hungry
    If not,never feed me food��️
    Only your words dude❤️.

    If you feel low
    I will encourage you to grow
    With words of love i will sew
    Your broken heart ,you know��?

    Loves cliffhanger
    Doesnt want to know the answer��
    Dont come near during my anger
    Or else you will be caught in the cross dagger��.

    Watch out for mood swings⚠️
    Give me my wings
    I will show you new things
    Only spring.

    I dont look for money
    I look for anime��.

    A very good person emerged from a very bad lesson.

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    Manual of a humananimal☆

    So much love
    Dont know where to shove.