• byumbyum 5w


    Where are the days
    When we sat on the fields over yonder
    Under the innocence of the passing clouds,
    Where the world was where the horizon was,
    Where the sky seemed so wide,
    Yet so within grasp,
    As if with one reach I could give you these
    Soft, warm and fluffy,
    To be kept within the depths of your heart?

    Where were the days
    When we sat on the beach
    Watching ships as they recede
    Further and further,
    Sinking beyond the singularity
    That keeps us in,
    That keeps us near one another?

    Where were the days
    When we sat on the grass
    And watched as the sky turned
    From ink-black to magical magenta,
    As the sun peered past
    The rocky mountains to cast
    A warm glow over us?

    The world has turned colder,
    A winter with no end in sight.
    And as I lay shivering in my empty cot,
    Clenching my teeth in desperation,
    I hold tightly to these memories,
    Like clouds that threaten to slip
    And run out of my grip like
    Forming a puddle that evaporates
    And leaves no mark behind.