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    World Mental Health Day

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    World Mental Health Day

    *You are not alone*
    Lemme get this straight
    Depression is not sadness and sadness is not depression.
    To all the naive and immature individuals out there
    "Depression is not overrated" &
    "Depression is not over thinking".
    Of course we are not talking about the people who believe themselves to be in a state of depression after an hour of crying or behind sad for a period of time.
    This is the stigma around mental health that needs to be addressed in this current world.
    People don't really understand what it's like to be depressed.
    When we hear the word mental health or depression its not about a lonely person sitting in a corner or the self harming things you think depressed people often do.
    It's not always about razors and blades or drugs and pills.
    It's not always about hanging ropes or slit wrists.
    Not everyone cuts or shows the same signs of depression.
    The thing that needs to understood by everyone is a person suffering from a disease and a person suffering with depression both need to be addressed seriously in the same way.
    One needs to understand that depression is not something which follows a heart break or failure or feeling of uncertainty on life.
    It doesn't start that way and it doesn't work that way either.
    You don't see a depressed individual with a sad and crying face all the time. Brightest smile, unstoppable talks and loudest laughs that's what they do to survive everyday.
    You see everyday is a struggle.
    To fake a smile and keeps one's chin up pretending to be normal everyday. Depression is more like a battle.
    It just keeps eating you from inside little by little everyday.
    It makes you numb.When you see someone talking or writing about depression is not for the peoples praise but merely because they are survivors any they very well know that its not a single phase and it keeps recurring all the time.
    If you are someone who is reading this battling with depression and surviving everyday remember one thing.
    It's okay.
    You are strong.
    It's not that easy.
    Remember you are God's awesome creation.
    Never give up.