• mahak27 22w

    You don't marry a man, you marry his soul.
    His thoughts plays the most magical role.
    All his actions changes your Life,
    He helps you to become an ideal wife.
    You count him on everything indeed,
    Gradually grows your love seeds.
    As the days pass by and by,
    You stop thinking how,where and why.
    He soon turns out as your priority,
    You start understanding the hidden beauty.
    With each compliment you share,
    You build trust, love and everlasting care.
    Thanks each other and pay gratitude,
    For developing an adjusting attitude..
    Stay together and be the inspiration,
    For such a wonderful lovely creation.
    Lead your Life on a happy note,
    Let it sail just as a boat.
    Never loose hope never let it drown,
    Never get irritated nor do frown.
    It's you both together to complete the race,
    Keep cherishing each others face.
    Celebrate the presence and rejoice,
    Say it each day he is my best choice...

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    Eternal bond