• malikworldwide 5w

    Late nobody

    It's not that i hated you
    Or that i didn't want you
    I couldn't give you life
    I was lifeless myself
    The whole idea was mine baby
    Never blame it on your mom
    I left her no choice goddamitt
    I wasn't a man enough to face consequences of my deeds , gotta admit
    You always in my thoughts
    Maybe you would have had your mama's smile and granny's hair , who knows
    Abortion is an option
    But that's no fuckin excuse
    Maybe you was my only kid
    Am sorry , i played the wrong card kid
    I regret , i regret and i regret million times
    Thinking bout it might end my life one day
    That feeling got me weak like those days early in my childhood
    This poem can't say it all
    We'll talk if we get a chance , even though you long gone.