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    Again, something else I had with me for a while. #poem #suicide #river #empty

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    Letters to a River

    Dear River,

    Gently rock my limp body
    Coax my soul to rest;
    I'm tired of fighting
    Defeated by your strong currents;
    I'm too tired to do anything
    So please, take me away,
    From this damned place.

    Dear River,

    Drown me in your waters
    Fill my empty lungs
    With you, you and only you;
    I've been empty, empty inside
    For too long, far too long;
    Fill me with your essence
    And maybe, maybe I might feel again.

    Dear River,

    Kill me.
    When I fall too deep,
    Take my life.
    Fill my lungs with water,
    Drown me.
    When I start to protest,
    Choke me.
    When I finally fight,
    Suppress my efforts.
    Put out my flame,
    My soul.