• _banjaaran_ 5w

    My heart was broken into two,
    And secretly. When I realised that the city of fairytale was all fake.
    It was like clouds were covering beautiful sky and I was searching hastily for hope but there was a loomy darkness and seems like a war into my mind which was not that tough but it was not gonna leave. Though no wounds were visible on my skin, but still pain seeped in through my shin.
    I saw death approaching me,
    As I lied half dead on my bed.
    But afterwards I saw all my broken pieces of my heart which symbolised the best of me was yet to came.

    While sitting at my window I saw dried dead leaves fallen in the garden and I realised how those leaves add life to the garden to look beautiful just like my heart does.
    Too broken, scattered with all the visible scars on it yet to be the most unique and beautiful one.
    So I let all those butterflies of guilt,sadness,stress,tears that had been caged for years long.

    So m letting them go with the the old me. And collecting back all those words,inks that i spilled,the moments we had,the memories we created; all together to erase and tear them even though they were scattered by putting all those into a box to bury them where noone will never ever find .
    As you asked me for such hard task. It took a long time but for the sake of surviving for my people and seeing love coming from every direction:
    Here I am
    Unloving you!
    For a being a happy soul with scars on her heart but yet the strongest one.