• maneks 5w

    Night ride

    Driving on an empty road flanked by whispering trees,
    The sky blanketed in black, illuminated by the stars,
    The rain painting the tarmac black, a drizzle like she's teasing you,
    The pitter-patter of the rain on your window side,
    Slow music emanating from the car speakers thumping lightly like a heart beat ..
    The music just melting into your skin,
    seeping through the crevices of your thoughts,
    slowly waking up your dormant memories.
    Memories that make you smile, that brings an unexplained pleasure, and make your eyes dreamy..
    The pauses in between the songs, a silence that is soothing, allowing you to wallow in your stream of thoughts..
    How does music magically take you away..
    How does it make you feel like you are standing in the breeze, touching you tenderly, strumming your heart strings in the right tune???