• manishaa 32w

    They write for you,
    Because they can't do anything else.
    You were born to be written
    And to be sung,
    But not to be accepted.

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    This world is beautiful.
    You just have to have either a charming face
    Or sharp intellect
    Or ample amount of currency.
    If you lack all above said,
    Worry not, world knows Sympathy.
    Sympathy fills all the voids you have within
    As they say.
    Sympathy comes alongwith Ignorance
    And Ignorance is bliss.
    Bliss is heavenly,
    Full of cupids, beauty and the Time to stare beauty
    If bliss fails to work for you,
    You still have the reason to smile,
    As they know Writing
    They'll write you,
    Boldly and beautifully
    You'll be bewitched
    For you ain't aware that you could be beautiful too.
    But then, this might not work for you, again
    As you know not how to read words which play with themselves and hence, with You.
    If nothing works for you and
    You still the sense the pain they proclaim to sense too,
    Then, remember,
    Ignorance is bliss, as they say.
    And remember, world is beautiful.