• jgrayzer33 5w


    She tells me, Sleep with the angels, For me that is, The most safe place to be, Without all the rain, Day one all over and over again, What truly is time? It appears with us it did not exist, Embrace Deja Vu, My breath was stolen once again, Shimmering beauty, Seduced by your love with a kiss, Completely awestruck, Your mesmerizing thoughts enchant intrigue, A million lifetimes, For you I would travel the Seven Seas, My missing piece, The only answer to the riddle deep inside me, Do you feel me in all your heartbeats? Staring into your eyes makes me believe, Would you swim the night skies with me? Haze disappeared and you were who I seen, Peruvian Lilies,
    Field upon field as far as the eye can see,
    Whispering in the wind, You’re the gold at every rainbows end, Mysteries of the Abyss,
    You make me see how love should begin, A million lifetimes, I would move mountains to send you a kiss, A million lifetimes,
    Touching all the sand in the deserts of Egypt,
    A shooting star, Many nights I wished and now here we are, Will my words sooth on the sleepless nights? Let me be the place your lonely tears fade, Will you allow my love to keep you safe? I’m there no matter the day, time or place, The setting sun on the ocean,
    You’re the cold raindrops on a hot summer day, A million lifetimes, Painting pictures of the beauty on your face, A million lifetimes,
    Breaking the chains for your warm embrace,
    Completely incomplete, Without you my story will never be the same, Who am I to say time makes anything fade? Precious morning dew embodied by Grace, Do you still look back and see me over there? Embracing a souls’ mate,
    Your gentle touch lingers upon my lips, A million lifetimes, I believe our souls are unable to forget, A million lifetimes, It always ends with a goodnight kiss...