• mismatched_ 5w

    "Chubby girls are beautiful too"

    Today i was talking with a friend on call. We were talking about random stuff and out of nowhere i started complimenting her on how she have maintained her body 'perfectly'. Her body shape, her cheekbones, her sharp chin and so on. She thanked me and said, you should also work on your body...i mean look you are chubby thus you can't look hot like the other SLIM girls, you have extra fat on some areas of your body that obviously isn't quite attractive. I honestly kind of sigh hearing this but whatever she said was true so i couldn't say even a word to her.
    She further told me about various methods of controlling my weight. One of which was I SHOULD NOT EAT even if my body is starving to have more food, i should not eat. The irony is, she oftenly shared many incidents with me where she was about to faint because she hadn't consumed enough food to have energy; she also have deficiencies of essential vitamins and protein in her body. So basically, she isn't healthy.. She's just slim.
    I didn't said these things to her for some reasons but girl, being beautiful is not just about having a slim body and having sharp facial features, one needs to be healthy too.
    Even a chubby girl like me, looks beautiful. Just because i don't have a particular body type that doesn't mean i am not beautiful. No matter what your body shape is you need to be confident, comfortable and proud of it.
    I know it was just her point of view about me or a suggestion but before her i have seen a lot girls telling me this exact same shit. When they first pointed out this, i felt little bad about myself and honestly tried few of those nonsense methods to shed some fat because nobody wants to have a body type that others don't like.
    But trust me no matter whether you have a chubby body, a skinny body or a body that people crave for, you should feel good in it. Others will say what they want and it's totally okay if people have negative opinions about you. Don't let it bother you and don't let others thoughts over power your peace of mind.❤