• inhershoes101 6w

    One time

    Where are you now that we have to get by
    Putting up the final touches of your work of art
    While your fatal attraction tears us apart

    You kissed her up on sheets
    Of deciet
    That we lay,
    Child's play
    At it's best
    When I'm the subject -
    Caught up in the sex
    A desired betrayal
    And love affair

    Acting like to fall into her trap
    You did not expect
    And I waited
    Until I could no longer wait
    Had me feeling like I've been your biggest mistake

    I'm going to ask you this one time
    Why won't you look me in the eye
    And don't say that you are sorry
    Or that you didn't mean to hurt me
    Say that you love me
    And I'l forget that you used me
    Eventhough I feel guilty inside
    I need you to make it right
    One time