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    Pollution is on high in Delhi NCR.
    It's high time we should start realizing the importance of the issue and start acting for the same.
    Stop using vehicles and promote public transport. Yes ladies i know you're exempted under odd even but your one step will help a lot. Even people who use two wheelers should also avoid using it as not only it will reduce pollution but two wheelers are most exposed to it. Stop burning waste and if you find someone doing same try to make him understand. Plant more and more trees it will help in future. If you see any construction going on immediately inform concerned authorities. Avoid taking cabs instead of your cars because that way you didn't contributed in any way. Car pools will be really helpful. Buy a N95 or N98 mask and wear it always as and when you go out. Skip morning walks for some days,keep drinking more and more water.
    Burning of any kind of fossil fuels should be avoided.
    As of today many officials and politicians didn't showed up at the meeting held in New Delhi on the concern about pollution. People don't want to compromise on their comfort, don't want to volunteer for a good cause but are always ready to blame the government. Well if this remains the scenario then be ready to face the worse of the consequences, be ready to see your elderly to suffer, be ready to see your kids going through chronic diseases such as asthma, be ready to see them suffer from minor illness around the year and for those willing to see their grandchildren be ready to see them die before they actually grow up. Just think how beautiful the world would look with masks around their faces. Beautiful isn't it? I know answer is no. This wasn't a planned post just expressed myself so ya content ain't organised but every word still matters and relates to importance of this issue.

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    I am suffering to Breathe!

    We got right to breathe clean air and we ain't leaving that.

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