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    Mental health awareness is as much important as cancer or any other disease, same for depression & anxieties..
    Depression is not something which is drama or people are following it for a fashion, it's actually a clinical mental state (ps:I don't want to call it illness, because I don't feel it like) but yah it is something which is very important to acknowledge by family and friends, because those who are dealing with are sometimes not comfortable to discuss it., some little concern and support can really make a day easy.

    And One more thing is
    Is not a problem
    Or illness
    Or drama
    Or mood swings
    Or it's not something need to overcome,
    It's just a different way of thinking,
    People also can be positive With an overthinking mind.
    Be a mindfulness,
    Just try not to be a negative thinker.

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    Mental health awareness

    It's ok to
    Not feeling