• themysticspectacle 5w

    At what point does love turn into obsession? I've always been unlucky when it comes to love. Whether it is knowing my feelings or showing them, I've never been good at it. For long, I believed that as long as I hide them well, I wouldn't get caught. And that way, I wouldn't be vulnerable to oblivion. Gazing at him from a distance was enough to make my day. Pretending until I ended up wondering whom I had been deceiving all that time. Just like Augustus Waters once said, 'Love is just a shout into the void and oblivion is inevitable', without even my notice, in the pursuit of momentary happiness, I'm here at a point where I had already neglected my own self and only emptiness remains. I still wonder how I reached this point where pain has engulfed the peace.
    Sadness has engulfed the smiles and
    Depression has engulfed every least bit of the compassion I ever had for myself.